My Long Weekend To-Do List: Epic Fail November 26, 2012

Ah, the holidays. A time to spend with family and friends. Perhaps a time to travel. For me, a time to make an unrealistic list of all the things I’m going to accomplish with my extra two days off so I can ignore it and then curse myself on Monday morning. This past weekend was no exception. Let’s just say that Steven Covey would be deeply disappointed.

(And speaking of disappointed, for a split second this weekend I was doing a Charlie Brown victory dance when I saw the Twitter alert that read “Ryan Braun is now following you.” Then I found out that it was really a Twitter account called “Ryan Braun’s Hub”, which is not affiliated with Ryan Braun himself at all. Really upsetting. However, later in the weekend I was followed by someone called “Queen-o-Swagg” which totally made up for it. How could you not get excited by someone who was “Bawn a Philippines, Grown Inna Cali, Bred by Jamaica”? I for one cannot wait to hear what Ms. Swagg has to tweet about.)

Anyway, here’s what really went down on my long Thanksgiving weekend.

List Item: Drop clothes at thrift store, drop jewelry off to be repaired, drop off drycleaning

Actual Result: None of this got done. However, I did manage to shop at Kmart at 10:30 pm on Thanksgiving, followed by the midnight opening at Younkers, topped off by a 1:30 am Wal-Mart visit. Then I slept 3 ½ hours so I could get up for JcPenney and Menards on Black Friday. Why yes, I did get the $8 small appliances and the $5 glass canister set, thank you.


List Item: Finish Twilight: Breaking Dawn so I can go see the movie already.

Actual Result: Read about twenty pages and then read last Sunday’s New York Times that I still had not finished. I was then perhaps a bit too giddy with the prospect of having the house and the television all to myself, so I caught up on the last two Glee episodes. I also may have watched episodes of Revenge, Arrested Development, How I Met Your Mother and Desperate Housewives. By my calculations I will be done “catching up on shows I’ve always wanted to watch” in about the year 2036. That’s what happens when you are held hostage by Netflix. And sadly this doesn’t even count the 90 minutes I’ll never get back from watching What to Expect When You’re Expecting.


List Item: Clean up sun porch

Actual Result: Coffee table in sun porch is now full of paper piles I need to sort through, courtesy of my famous “reshuffling” maneuver. That is, I took piles of crap from one room (making it look clean) and moved them to another room. The living room looks fantastic though.


List Item: Put clothes up for sale on Ebay.

Actual Result: The clothes are still sitting there in a pile in the hallway. I got a little distracted by other clutter and ended up listing fourteen decorating books instead.


Sadly, this is not even scratching the surface of my long list. To make matters worse, while going through those decorating books I found some good ideas for organization, so I added them to the list. I now have things to do like “Put bars of soap in glass canisters”.

It’s a good thing I got that canister set at Menard’s.  Boo-yah! Cross it off the list!

P.S. On the plus side, I did work out three times and actually lost weight over Thanksgiving weekend. Woot!