Exciting Announcement! November 20, 2017

Hello faithful Annapalooza readers!! As always, thank you for reading, even though I know my posts have been few and far between lately. However, I do some have exciting news to share with you all. I am currently working on my very first book, scheduled to be published on Amazon (in digital and in print) in January, 2018! If you like the style of my blog then I think you’ll like my book (yes, it too contains very candid tales with a side of snark and way too many pop culture references).

They say the best way to meet your goals is to make them public, so I’m doing just that. (Besides, I just finished binge-watching Stranger Things 2, so there are no more excuses. Curse you Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and HBO Now! Note to self: I may have gotten a bit carried away with online viewing options.)

Stay tuned for further updates and a few more blog posts in 2017!




Little Polish Kids

A Memoir by Anne Niederkorn

Coming to Amazon in digital and print in January, 2018!! 


p.s. I just got my first internet troll a few months ago. Does that mean I’m making progress?

p.p.s. Yes, I am the fat baby in this picture. I had to be put on a diet. I’m not kidding.